The program cost is $4,500 for the complete 13 month program: 12 months consecutive programming and one additional month to finalize the portfolio.  For candidates who require time beyond the 13 months to complete the portfolio, extension costs apply: $150 monthly extension fee and a $500 portfolio reading fee.

Candidates are not required to participate in the online programming during extensions; however, they may join online discussions/meetings to support completion of the required portfolio.

As per CDE policy, an alternative principal candidate has up to three years to complete a designated agency program. The Principal Institute program is offered and designed to be completed in 13 months. Most candidates complete the PI program in this timeframe (completing both the program and the portfolio), but completion within a one-year timeframe is dependent upon the candidate’s depth and breadth of prior experience in administrative roles. Prior experience will be evaluated by PI staff collaboratively with the PI candidate. If a candidate requires a two-year program due to a novice status in the field of school leadership, a two-year program cost and programming can be negotiated at the start of the program. 

A deposit of $500 is due three weeks prior to the candidate’s first online session. Candidates are required to sign a promissory note for the total cost of the program and must return these documents to PI three weeks prior to the first Orientation session. PI is not a university and, therefore, not eligible for federally subsidized financial aid. PI does accept payment through PayPal and an interest-free monthly payment plan is an option. There is no penalty for pre-payment.