Our Mission

To develop culturally competent, collaborative, reflective, and visionary leaders who seek to transform schools into quality learning communities.

Karla Haas Moskowitz, Ph.D.

As a lifelong educator and political scientist, Karla has taught in pre-school through university settings and has also served as a school administrator, non-profit founder and director, and social entrepreneur. Karla specializes in Participatory Action Research/Phenomenology/Portraiture, the integration of Creative Writing and Reflection in Teaching and Learning, Multiculturalism, Critical Issues in Urban Education, and Experiential/Travel Learning. She works to promote radicalism, activism, and authentic change in collaboration with individuals and communities seeking self-determination. She teaches for Goddard College, Adams State University, and both the Teacher and Principal Institutes in Denver, Colorado. She has two beautiful and intelligent children, four exceptionally lovely grandchildren, and two adorable German Shepherds.

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Lisa Martin, M.A.

Lisa currently works as a manager/consultant in the field of leadership development for both business and education institutions. Her ongoing work in the field of leadership, personnel and fiscal management continues her commitment to being a servant leader. In her educational career that has spanned two decades, Lisa has served as a teacher, program/education director, principal, and educational consultant. She identifies her life passion as service to those who are underserved or who face barriers to equity and empowerment that can be experienced through democratic systems of education and learning. 

Lisa is a skilled outdoorswoman; she loves hiking, backpacking, biking, running and photography. As a native of Colorado, she sees the mountains as a profound source of her inspiration, reflection, and renewal.